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Belief in God

Belief in God has existed since man first had the capability to reason. Since that time humans have been divided by the issue and belief has broken down into numerous sects and factions. Some differing greatly while with others the difference is so minute as to be barely perceptible even to those educated in the religion. The chart shows the current North American and European countries with reference to belief in God.  Specifically we are refering to the Judeo-Christian god and disregarding many other religions.

What do you think? Do you believe in god? What are you reasons for believing or not believing?

Belief in god


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Metric System Use in the World

In the map, areas shaded green show where the metric system is used where as the areas in grey use the imperial system. The metric system was, in the words of the French philosopher Condorcet to be “for all people for all time”.  It was designed for ordinary people, for engineers who worked in human-related measurements and for astronomers and physicists who worked with numbers both small and large, hence the huge range of prefixes that have now been defined.

The United States is the only industrialized country to still use the imperial system, however the metric system does still see use there.

Should the United States convert to the metric system, what do you think?

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The Earth at Night

An incredible image of the earth at night showing the lit areas, courtesy of  NASA.


Earth At Night

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Basic American Politics

A comparison of the left and right governments of the United States.  Most prominently a basic overview of the liberal democratic left and the conservative republican right.  On which side do you fall?

Left vs. Right U.S. Political Views

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Junto Canada

Welcome to Junto Canada, a place to discuss and debate questions of morals, politics, and science. This site is dedicated to Benjamin Franklin the creator of the first Junto club in 1727.

Conduct yourself in the sincere spirit of inquiry after truth, without fondness for dispute or desire of victory.

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